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 C # programming and what you might not know about it 
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Post C # programming and what you might not know about it
C # programming is always a field that attracts interest from many employers; therefore, there is an increasing number of programmers learning this programming language. Are you a "newbie" in the field? Join us to learn the basics of C # programming that any programmer should know.


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What is C # programming language?
C # is a purely object-oriented programming language. Developed by Microsoft, C # (pronounced C sharp) was first introduced in 2000 by Anders Hejlsberg. This is a very modern and powerful programming language.
Built on the basis of two strong programming languages  namely C ++ and Java, C # is described as a combination of C ++, Visual Basic, Delphi and Java.
C # programming with the powerful support of .NET Framework makes it easy to create a Windows Fright or WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) application.

Some features of C #


First of all, it is important to emphasize that C # is a purely object-oriented language. It's pretty simple when compared to C ++ with about 80 keywords and more than a dozen built-in data types.
It provides component-oriented features such as Property, Event.
C# does not recommend using pointers as C ++ does, but if you want to use the pointers, it must be marked as unsafe. There must be a reason why C #  is called the type-safe programming language. It checks the data thoroughly and manages the memory perfectly. It provides you with great support in management.
Garbage Collector of C# will reclaim objects that are no longer being used, clear their memory, and keep the memory available for future allocations.

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Some remarkable advantages and disadvantages of C #
C # has many advantages such as:
Be close to common programming languages ​​such as C ++, Java, Pascal.
Be built on the foundation of powerful programming languages, thus ​​inheriting their advantages.
Improve the defects of  C / C ++ such as pointers, side effects, etc.
Be easy to access, easy to develop.
Be powered by the .NET Framework.
The biggest downside of C # is that it runs only on Windows and requires the .NET Framework installation.
Operation for hardware is weaker than that of other languages and depends mainly on Windows.

Why C # ?

C # is a simple modern language. At the same time, it is quite powerful and flexible. Besides, C # is also user-friendly since it has few keywords and is empowered with all the strengths from its legacy softwares such as C ++ or Java.
Although every programming language has its own strengths, C # has been demonstrating to the world that it is capable of replacing some other languages ​​and becoming a versatile language.

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