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 Furnace introduction 
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Winter, from the outside back home, rubbing hands and stomping feet for the cold, always feel something to do. Think for a moment before you realize. In fact, now living conditions are good, no longer need to live for the stove worry and busy.

In the 1970s, my father paid five and a half dollars for his cousin's new number three stove. Uncle uncle works in datong coal mine. He has few children. His living conditions are better than mine. In early years, there was no stove. In winter, the corners of the house were frozen with frost. To avoid the cold, my mother often took my brother and I to visit my cousin's house in the village.

At that time, the small stove as the only home heating tools in winter, can have a very good.

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Furnace also has specification, number 3 furnace is small, again be 2 furnace, 1 big furnace and special furnace, its main distinction is in chimney and furnace body size. The average household USES no. 3 and no. 2 furnaces. Big furnaces, big burners, hot fires, but this "big man" is so powerful that it's used by the government.

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I remember when we moved the stove home, and the whole family had a division of labor, so I was very happy. My brother and I ran out and started to make preparations for the stove, cutting firewood and looking for joibs. When the fire is up, sit around it and talk and laugh. Brother a while on the stove toasted yuzhu nest, a while to catch seeds, beans to fry, I was in the pit under the ashes of the stove with a hook burning yam eggs. The mother also refused to "white heat", the stove as a second "stove fire" to make full use of, water hot meals with the fire.

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At night, after turning off the light, in the reflection of the fire, the house bright, both my brother and I do not sleep, the fire of the light to play the game of getting into bed, hide-and-seek, until the end of the night. Early the next morning, my father got up and began to open a fire, collect ashes, and beat charcoal. When the house warmed up while the fire was burning, my father shouted for us to get up.
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Later, my brother and I learned to make fires, too, for a full half month. In the first place, they are always out of production. Either they put out the fire early, or they put out the wood and hardwood. Later, under the guidance of my father, I finally learned to make a fire and mastered the "trick". When making a fire, the core grass under the hearth is first used as a matting, with split wood or bamboo core in the middle, and charcoal is covered on the top, and then old newspaper is used to light the fire under the pit. Thus, the flammability rate of the fire is higher. During the whole process, it is troublesome to count the furnaces and pour them once every ten days and a half a month. The inverted stove, not one person can complete, must be more than two people, first remove the pipe section by section, outside, with a small rod gently beating, hands to pick up the pipe rotation, shaking, clean up, and then "the matching seat" installed.

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When the stove was lit again, the fire rose and rumbled, like an old steam train. In this way, the installation of the disassembly, the disassembly of dozens of times, to survive this cold and long winter.

Now, energy-saving and environment-friendly high-tech heating equipment variety, slowly, the public has also been out of sight, perhaps forgotten.

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