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Beijing Badaling Safari World at the foot of the Great Wall said it is only a rumor that one of its tigers attacked a private car again , Beijing Morning News reported.

The park has been in hot water after two Siberian tigers mauled a woman to death and injured another when they stepped out of their car on July 23.

In a latest video allegedly taken at the park, a white tiger walked around the front of a white sedan and bit off its bumper.

However, there is no sign of Beijing Badaling Safari World in the video.

The park said it hasn't resumed business after the fatal accident and that the incident was a rumor.

It also denied online speculation that the woman wounded before died from injuries.

A manager at the park said she is still being treated at hospital and is now in stable condition.

At least two staff members are stationed at Peking University Third Hospital to help the injured woman and her family, it was added.


The clinical application of docetaxel in cancer chemotherapy Health Articles | May 16, 2012
Docetaxel have a wider anti-tumor activity. It has been widely used in clinical. The efficacy for gastric cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer Wholesale Nike VaporMax Free Shipping , non-small cell lung cancer is more significant.

聽It becomes a clinically used anticancer drug. Tumors are treated with docetaxel chemotherapy with intensive care. It is effective in reducing adverse reactions and improving live quality of patients. It receives a good effect.

Psychological care before the chemotherapy: before treatment, the patients and their families need to be told about the adverse reactions and precautions in the course of medication. The pharmaceutical raw materials suppliers should also provide guidance to take measures for prevention, and effective psychological counseling for patients. To be patient and have cordial talk with patients, to understand the mental state of patients, the lifting of its ideological concerns, so that patients receiving chemotherapy in the best state of mind. Patients with anxiety and fear, through effective psychological care and significantly reduce the psychological burden of patients Wholesale Nike VaporMax Online , and to actively cooperate with the treatment, the successful completion of the chemotherapy treatment.

Care for chemotherapy: Docetaxel is made of poly ethyl-generation castor oil and ethanol compound solvent, poly ethyl behalf of the castor oil into the body degradation, resulting in a large number of histamine release , serious allergic reactions occur, especially in the first few minutes to start infusion most likely to happen, may have a short period of hypotension and asymptomatic bradycardia Wholesale Nike VaporMax Youth , which occur in approximately 29%, so the medication must be at the bedside careful observation of the ECG to monitor pulse, respiration, heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen saturation of the change in input induced by the fluid should be, and to give prophylactic antiemetic drugs dexamethasone and diphenhydramine, anti-allergy treatment.

After 30 minutes and ECG indicators smooth Wholesale Nike VaporMax Mens , connect docetaxel liquid. Course of medication, close monitoring of blood pressure and heart rate, and make a record. Such as decreased blood pressure more than 20mmHg, shall immediately stop the infusion of saline intravenous, such patients without discomfort, and can continue to observe the blood pressure on their own return to normal after re-infusion. Found that blood pressure continued to decline, accompanied by facial flushing Wholesale Nike VaporMax Womens , systemic urticaria, gas tight, palpitation, palpitations and discomfort should immediately report to the doctor and with the rescue. During treatment, every 15-minute visits patients 1 to observe the patients were asked about chest tightness, shortness of breath, muscle aches and other symptoms.

During chemotherapy in patients with eating light Wholesale Nike VaporMax Silver , easily digestible, vitamin-rich foods such as fresh vegetables, fruits, etc. By listening to music, watching TV, try to spread the attention of the patient's family members to communicate with patients, to provide a comfortable treatment environment for patients Wholesale Nike VaporMax Black , while maintaining indoor air fresh, vomiting should be promptly clean up, reduce adverse stimuli. Were given before chemotherapy and after chemotherapy, 30 minutes, dexamethasone, and to prevent the gastrointestinal tract, severe vomiting and can not eat Wholesale Nike VaporMax Blue , give rehydration nutrition therapy. Nursing and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, if necessary soap solution enema constipation.

Docetaxel is an antineoplastic agent in paclitaxel class. It plays anti-tumor effect by interfering with cell mitosis and microtubule network required from split interphase cellular functions. Docetaxel has a broader anti-tumor activity. It is commonly used as an anticancer drug in clinical especially for the efficacy of gastric cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, non-small cell lung cancer. Careful care, close observation and the correct medication ensure the key to the successful completion of cancer chemotherapy. This requires that care work must be doing fine. People need to give the patient the spirit of life care and attention. They also should master the major pharmacological effects and the process of using docetaxel with adverse reactions. The medication methods and precautions needs closely observed. Once the adverse drug reactions happen, it is necessary to take timely and appropriate nursing interventions to alleviate the suffering of patients. Thus it improves the quality of patient聮s life of patients Wholesale Nike VaporMax Gold , while provides humane care, so it will reduce medical ce:


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