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 Under the night 
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Under the night, there is a ripple of clear water, and the moonlight is waiting for the stars. Before the window, I am waiting for the wind to knock on the door, but the wind has gone wrong. I am waiting for you at 2 am to see the jellyfish. I didn't sleep, my single shadow swayed it, and it floated down like a glimpse of the year. The blue smoke in the distance into the moon, loaded with a pink, quietly floating in front of my window sill, is the moon, is the night. I am waiting for the wind to come, entrust it to send a scent of flowers, sleep with me, I am waiting for the wind to blow, ask it to blow off the hills and mist Cheapest Marlboro Cigarettes Free Shipping, watch with me, I am waiting for the wind, eager to bring it Take the sky and smoke, and look with me. How many peaches on the tree? Thanks to the color of the ground, the cup of turbid wine can be? Intoxicated by my infatuation, the wood branches on the window a few folds? The only way to talk about the loose flowers flowing outside the door is smoke, is the shadow, is I am like a sensation in the wind, a faint pear blossoms hit the wind chimes in front of my window, half-window shadows, a dream millennium, piano song Xiao Xiao flute pity; how many dusk smoke and rain slanting, open poetry, evoke a piece of Jiangnan, How many nights are silent, one person looks at the mountain, brings a glimpse of the blue star, and meets the moon, the wind comes, tapping my door, slamming my window, sending a cool, faint Written in the ink Newports Cigarettes Website, the fog has not been exhausted, you pick the light in the long pavilion, a leafy boat, you cut a cloud of smoke, covered in the face, let me not see, your shoulder is the wind, is shining Star group, you support a red umbrella, three points clear and lonely into the stars, seven minutes fell into my eyes, I look at the mountains to see the water, alone to enjoy a rain, alone smell a plum, this star is beautiful, flashing Silent language; this breeze is very soft, and the flowers come from far away; your eyes are very nice, there is no breeze, no moon, no stars without me. I wanted to go to the bustling dreams, find a no-man's valley, build a wooden hut, and lay a bluestone path. With your morning bells and drums, you will spend the rest of your life, but you have never looked back, and you will not watch, but I will give you a drink. Whitehead; I want to be in the light of the light, look at a desire to put peach blossoms, pick a leaf of the Qinghai boat, look at the stars and the sea of ??clouds, sit with you, plain, hand in hand; how do you say no Marlboro Cigarettes Sale, why must vow, stay I am not a word for a shadow, and I can't write a pen. It's my thoughts. I can't sing songs, I can't write poems, it's my stupidity. Everything in my eyes is getting like a smog in your eyes. I don't wait for the wind, or I will blow it when I blow it; everything in your eyes is as fragrant as ink, I am still waiting for you, not willing I forgot that life is very short Wholesale Newports, and the horizon is far away. In the past, mountains and waters, grass and trees, let them slowly fade over time. If you accidentally fall into the red dust and annoy the three thousand wires, you should remember that there is a gesture called rebirth. Any stranger in this world can have flowers; any place is home Marlboro Cigarettes Website, I have walked through the streets and parked in the mountains, I am still waiting for the wind, waiting for the wind to blow me away, leaving a thoughts; I once laughed at the wine In the past, I am still waiting for you, waiting for you to die, leaving a bunch of gentle ashes this month, waiting for the starlight, and I am waiting for you, waiting for the wrong time.

Sat Mar 16, 2019 12:53 am
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