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Sanjin multi-business, Pingyao gold and silver Cigarette Wholesale. There is the year of Wuxu, Zhongchun Xingyue, the beautiful people carry the tour, the light car is simple, the smooth and harmonious, the Sui Jindi Jindong Middle East is Taihang, the west is adjacent to the Weihe River, the north is adjacent to Taiyuan, and the south is intersecting with Changzhi. However, if you are in the Jin Dynasty, you must visit Pingyao Ancient City. Pingyao Sanjin hinterland, Taiyuan Basin Newport 100S Cigarettes, was built in the Western Zhou Dynasty Xuanwang period, built in the army, spring and autumn to Jin, the Warring States is Zhao, the Western Han Dynasty in Zhongdu County, is Taiyuan County. When Emperor Taiwu of the Northern Wei Dynasty, this was migrated from the Luliang area, and the Jingling County was abandoned. The ruins of the Taiwu Emperor were renamed Pingyao County as Pingyao County, and the Taiping Zhenjun Period was moved to the Jinzhong City. Surrounded by the rolling hills in the middle, the northwest of Pingchuan is vast. In the past, Pingyao, Mengshan, Weihe, shrubs, wheat waves, fruity, ecologically diverse, beautiful scenery; nowadays, there are many ethnic groups, merchants, rich people, simple folk customs, the charm of the ancient city, like the source of peach blossoms The earth's bells and spirits show, the material Hua Tianbao, since ancient times, the wind and cloud will meet, talents come forth in large numbers, or Wen or Wu, or �� or business, Ze is surrounded by the four seas. In particular, the business reputation is full of the world, the Japanese and the Chinese for the city, to the people of the world, praise the goods of the world, the transaction and retreat, each has its place. Its spirit, later generations sing; its business, renowned throughout the world. For thousands of years, merchants have been commuting and bustling. Historical merchants have opened Wanli Tea Road. They have been in Europe and Asia for nine thousand miles and have been in the business for 500 years. They are especially known for their camel, boat and ticket numbers. The brilliant achievements of Chinese and foreign figures are Pingyao. Daxian County, with more than 300 historical sites Newports Cigarettes Website, is famous for its ancient city, ticket number and temple. It perfectly preserves the characteristics of the city during the Ming and Qing Dynasties and displays the paintings of Jinshang style. It was listed as a World Cultural Heritage in 1997, and Lijiang Ancient City and Yuzhong The ancient city and the ancient city of Jixian are also known as the four ancient cities Cheap Cigs Online Free Shipping. There are 22 scenic spots in the city, four streets, eight small streets, and seventy-two lanes. You can see the two days. The ancient city is shaped like a tortoise, head to the south and north, and the city gate is more than four feet. Therefore, there is a saying of "gull city"; the city wall is more than 6,000 meters high, about three feet high, four corners, and the number of sages; the county axis is symmetrical, the main From the orderly and patchwork, the 11th Panchen Lama once called "the most ancient in Pingyao County"; the Richang ticket once manipulated the economic lifeline of the Qing Dynasty, and created the first national bank, with the semicolon spread across the European and American continents to "Huitong World" Known as the world; Qingxu Guandao East Foxi, Taiping Xingguo, historical vicissitudes; Ming and Qing Street 400 meters, seventy-eight shops, attracting visitors from all directions, swallowing silver, known as "the morning market in the morning market" It is called Pingyao, not to see "Pingyao", but also regrettable! At the end of the Qing Dynasty, Zhao Yishuo, the owner of the ancient city ticket, arrived at the property, hired 232 members of the Xinggong Escort to go to Russia, and he did not hesitate to save the treasurer. The only son, seven years long, died, the East and 232 darts were all dead, and the blood of the Wang family continued. Chaoge Rong ancient city elements and theme space as one, three-dimensional segmentation maze theater, hiking through the bustling downtown, regaining the ancestors' life fragments, scenes reappearing the city wall ghost dance, resurrection, drafting wife Newports 100, darts dead bath, face show ancestor Waiting, it is like a spectator, but also like a personal experience, so that it is placed in the Ming and Qing markets, hear the soul return, witness the bloody commitment, reproduce the morality of the ancient people and show the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation.

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