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It is only recently that I have started to take the sauna session seriously. My goal was to find out the actual benefits of regular sauna use. In the past I would just take a sauna here and there and not stay in it longer than five minutes

So I decided to take longer periods of time in the sauna. Firstly this sauna is a traditional sauna. This sauna uses a gas heater. The heat can be pretty extreme. In the past I would workout and then take a sauna Adam Henrique Salute to Service Jersey , but I found myself being uncomfortable. This happened because I would go into the sauna after a swim and be breathing fast. Being slightly claustrophobic I found myself struggling for air and as a consequence I had to leave within five minutes.

Now I do a small cardio workout for fifteen minutes and then go directly to the sauna. I take a shower first and at times spend a little time in the steam room before the sauna session. This has helped a lot.

My advice when starting a sauna session is to relax. Start your sessions off at five minutes and slowly increase from there. Start to increase your time increments after four to seven sessions.

It is said that you can burn a lot of calories in just one 30 minute sauna session. If you do workout first take a few minutes to relax and take a shower before your sauna session. Fluid consumption should start even before your sauna session is finished. Just like anything else don?t over do it.

In the traditional sense a sauna session is a social affair in which people disrobe and sit in temperatures of over 80?C. Cleaning up after a sauna session is an important part in the traditional sauna process. Also this time of year a sauna can help in preventing colds and flu. Remember the goal is to relax and cleanse from the inside out.
After your honeymoon, that's it for luxurious vacations right? You've now got your mortgage to think about, car payments, utilities, saving for children if you plan to have them, insurance, credit card debt and then there's everyday expenses like food. With all those expenses how could you ever think about a vacation again, well you can!


Timeshares are great places to spend your time. Some find that they get several weeks on their ownership program each year while others may not be able to use them at all. However that doesn't mean you can't rent them out to others and make a slight profit.

Most timeshare owners pay on average $250 for a week. Find friends or family who are willing to split the fee and share the space. Or if you just want to stay the week you can pay the fee and enjoy your time there.

Before you head to your time share destination check on these things first: Make sure you agree on the price before taking over someone's timeshare, and ask the other party about other expenses such as cleaning fees, and maintenance charges. Know what's around you, you may think the time share comes with a full kitchen but find out there isn't so you'll want to know what you have access to and surrounding locations.

The more the merrier

Take a vacation with your friends. It can be fun, and less expensive because you can split some of the costs. Say you want to go to the mountains to do some skiing. An average price for a weeklong cabin rental with three bedrooms costs around $900. You can easily split that between other friends and save a ton while being located in an ideal spot. If you prefer to be outdoors, then take a camping trip. Your cost for the campsite will be nothing!

Before you go make sure to set some ground rules such as still making time for family, not just friends, or alone time with your other half. If you have kids, perhaps one night, one other couple or the friends you are with can watch them and then you can switch roles. Or you can choose to do your own things during the day and then get together during the night for dinner.

Swap Homes

Do you live in an attractive place where tourists always venture to. If so, consider doing a house exchange. Most house exchanges cost $30-$110 per year. You may feel skeptical about turning your house over to a stranger but it's completely safe. Most home exchangers are prosperous, mature, and well educated professionals so they are not likely to destroy your home. Or you can choose to do a house swap with a family with children if you have children so you are going from one child friendly home to the next.

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Nathan Dawson writes for http: and http: , great online sources for marriage and finance information.

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