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 How to choose the right reducer for Raymond mill 
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Post How to choose the right reducer for Raymond mill
Reducer is mainly used to control the speed of roller wear and understand the size of rolling objects in the operation of raymond mill plays an important role in the motor driven by rotating roller grinding roller grind to achieve the material grinding . Select the reducer mainly through the following ways: 1, to the working conditions of the reducer, design, manufacture, use the characteristics of a detailed understanding. 2, pay attention to select the main steps reducer, such as the original conditions, select the type, determine the specifications. 3, according to the size of Raymond mill to select the appropriate reducer, small Raymond mill with belt drive, and large-scale equipment you configure the corresponding reducer. 4, the maximum acceleration reducer can not be greater than the load torque reducer. 5, according to the reduction ratio to select, such as reduction ratio = servo motor speed / reducer output shaft speed. In addition to choose not to exceed the maximum load torque reducer acceleration TP. 6, choose to meet the strength of its operation, thermal balance, axial extension to withstand radial load reducer. 7, choose to meet the national standard of regular manufacturers reducer, its long life, smooth operation, stable performance, reliable quality assurance and improve the service process. It is very important to choose the right speed reducer for Raymond mill. It is related to the normal operation of the whole equipment and the strength and quality of material grinding. The proper speed reducer is a reliable guarantee for the good operation of Raymond mill. Large manufacturers and users pay attention to the usual choice of reducer.

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Post Re: How to choose the right reducer for Raymond mill
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