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 Lin Jieyun is my cousin. He 
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Post Lin Jieyun is my cousin. He
Lin Jieyun is my cousin. He is short and very thin. A white toot's face always loves a red smile. Short hair, but one by one. I always wear a red shirt, but the shirt is often stained with a few grains of rice. It is a lot of laughter. But he is a very brave person. He always loves to have a heroic tone in front of him: "The road is not flat, the knife is helping! It is the hero soul!" I often don't understand what is "heroic soul". Just thinking, this is the same great "soul" Cigarettes Online.
I remember once, I went to the river with him. I did not expect this ordinary "play" to make him a "save hero" ome on, let's go! I haven't been to the river for a long time! Let's go to "play" (Hakka) water! Oh! It must be very happy!" he said cheerfullyromised him to go to the river with him.dn't go halfway, I was tired, and he was moving like a horse. I stopped him: "Hey, how do you run so fast! I can't take it anymore! How far is it!" I cried incessantly.urned his head, as if he realized what reason, looking at the sweat, the listless, I firmly said: "Brother, what are you doing! How can this be done?" The man will not give up easily! Besides, "Life is a great person, and death is a ghost." How can you make such a "woman" phase!"ok my head helplessly, I don't know how to be good Carton Of Newports.
He strode over and said to me seriously and honestly: "Come! I am carrying you! Let's get started! You have to hurry!"he was far away, he did not shout "tired", but moved his foot step by step..r an hour, we arrived at the stream. As soon as he arrived at the stream, he immediately put me down and rushed straight into the direction of "Dafeng Stone" Carton Of Cigarettes. He was like a flying eagle with wings flying, and his feet were better like stepping on the wind...e flew, he accidentally discovered that a drowning child was screaming "Help". He met, busy with a sudden brake, adjusted his head, and shouted to the child one after another: "Don't be afraid, I will save you!" He rushed into the water Cheap Cigarettes, making every effort to finally push the child Going ashore... In order to save the child, he lost his long-awaited specimen...ards, I asked him: "What did you think when you saved the child?"
He smiled faintly and took out something from his pocket Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping. It seemed to be a pen. He said, "Maybe I didn't think of anything at the time. In the end, it didn't matter, because the truth of being a man is like this! Moreover, it is a hero, how can it be?" If you see the road, you can sit and ignore it. Is there not a "heroic spirit"?" in tears. At this moment, I understand: the "heroic spirit" that people often say is actually not great at all, but ordinary.

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Post Re: Lin Jieyun is my cousin. He

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Post Re: Lin Jieyun is my cousin. He
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