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 Never operate in Wholesale College Hockey Jerseys 
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Snowmobile Accidents Can Be Avoided Says Michigan Attorney
Terry Cochran
Article_Body; Thousands of snowmobile riders will hit the 6 Luke Kuechly Limited Jersey ,200 miles of
groomed, state trails from Dec. 1 through March 31 to enjoy breathtaking
views of Michigan from the seat of a snowmobile. Snowmobiling has a huge
economic impact on the state, annually generating more than a billion
dollars both directly and indirectly from the more than 400,000 registered
snowmobiles in Michigan. Those benefiting include hotels, restaurants Cam Newton Limited Jersey ,
the tourist industry as a whole, and dealers and manufacturers. The
average snowmobile sold for $7,942 in 2005, while the average snowmobiler
spent over $4,000 on the sport. Those are funds put back into this state's
economy.The Michigan Snowmobile Association (MSA) is encouraging its
20 Christian Limited McCaffrey Jersey ,000-plus members and all other snowmobilers to take the Zero Tolerance
Pledge and promote alcohol-free Snowmobiling under the influence. It is
against the law and carries the same stiff penalties as drinking and
driving in an automobile. During the 2004-05 winter season, the number of
snowmobile-related deaths in Michigan went down, while deaths involving
the use of alcohol also dropped dramatically from the previous year. Our
law firm joins the MSA to advance its cause of alcohol-free Snowmobiling.
We are encouraged that more and more snowmobilers are being responsible
and not mixing alcohol with this great winter sport. And while using our
wonderful state trails, we urge vigilance be given when approaching
pedestrians, cross-country skiers Women's Luke Kuechly Jersey , or groups of snowmobiles to avoid
accidents.A snowmobile can weigh up to 600 pounds and some performance
sleds can travel at speeds in excess of 90 m.p.h. At 90 m.p.h., a
snowmobile moves at 131 feet per second. With a standard reaction time of
1.5 seconds, a snowmobile will travel 195 feet before coming to a
stop.Children are at risk for snowmobile-related injury from being the
operator, bystander, or passenger. Pediatric snowmobile-related injuries
are often a result of risk-taking behavior of the parent (excessive speed Women's Cam Newton Jersey ,
alcohol use, and nighttime driving). Males younger than 16 years are more
than three times as likely as females of the same age to sustain a
snowmobile-related injury.If an accident does happen, I urge the victim or
witnesses to take note whether they are on a state trail, a public or
private trail, as Michigan's recreation statute provides for governmental
immunity if you are injured on state land while Snowmobiling. While on
trails going through private land Women's Christian McCaffrey Jersey , snowmobiles should stay on the trail to
avoid trespassing and to avoid hidden hazards like rocks or stumps under
the snow.I also wants to remind snowmobile owners that if a snowmobile
operator collides with a moving vehicle they are covered by Michigan No
Fault Law. The operator may be eligible for No Fault benefits if they
strike a vehicle parked on the side of the road in "manner that presents
an unreasonable risk of bodily injury." This is important because a
snowmobiler colliding with a car parked on the side of the road because of
a snowstorm often will be entitled to No Fault. Statistics show that only
10-15% of snowmobile accidents occur on well-maintained and designed
trails where as much as 80-90% of all snowmobiling takes place. Just a few
of the risks along trails include: Cable and guide wires, fences, barbed
wire, unsafe ice and ice ridges, hidden rocks Luke Kuechly Jersey , tree stumps, low hanging
branches and other obstacles. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
estimates that about 110 deaths and 13,400 hospital emergency room-treated
injuries occur each year with snowmobiles. About 40% of the reported
deaths resulted from colliding with trees, wires, bridges Cam Newton Jersey , and other
vehicles. Some deaths occurred when the snowmobile rolled to the side in a
ditch or stream and pinned the operator under the vehicle. Deaths also
have occurred when the snowmobile was operating on ice and fell through.
In Michigan snowmobile safety training is recommend for all operators and
required for persons ages 12 to 17. Speed and operator inattention are the
cause of most accidents. In Michigan, an added danger is travelling over
frozen waterways when the ice is too thin. For a safe and enjoyable
season, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources offers these tips:

-Always keep your machine in top mechanical condition.
-Always wear insulated boots and protective clothing including a helmet,
gloves and eye protection.
-Never ride alone.
-Avoid, when possible Christian McCaffrey Jersey , crossing frozen bodies of water.
-Never operate in a single file when crossing frozen bodies of water.
-Always be alert to avoid fences and low strung wires.
-Never operate on a street or highway.
-Always look for depressions in the snow.
-Keep headlights and taillights on at all times.
-When approaching an intersection, come to a complete stop, raise off the
seat and look for traffic.
-Always check the weather conditions before you depart.

Snowmobile riders injured by someone taking unnecessary risks have a right
to collect the damages. A lawyer knowledgeable about the dangers of
snowmobile riding can help you determine whether you have suffered because
of the negligence of another. If an avoidable accident has robbed you of
your health, contact a lawyer as soon as possible. Only an experienced
personal injury attorney can help you receive the justice that you
deserve.The attorneys at Co Food is vital to increase energy levels and stamina naturally. You nee. Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys China Wholesale Authentic Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping Wholesale College Jerseys China Wholesale NFL Jerseys Cheap Wholesale NBA Basketball Jerseys Cheap Jerseys From China Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale College Hockey Jerseys

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