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Author:  qieb111 [ Wed Sep 19, 2018 5:15 am ]
Post subject:  EUP/EUI/HEUI price

Design Features
eui eup tester with cam box /eui eup adapter kits
l.One cambox for all major EUI/EUP models with corresponding adapters and camshafts
2.Cambox mounting height 125mm (from the center of camshaft to bench mounting platform) for Bosch type pump test bench
3.Controller is designed for three kinds of drive mode:
4.Low voltage for most battery voltage driven EUI/EUP
5.High voltage for Cat EUI
6.Cumming Celect EUI
7.Adjustable Begin of Injection (BOI) in Crank Angle Degrees
8.Adjustable Injection Period (PW) in Crank Angle Degrees
9.Engine standard cam lobe designs:
10.Four levels of cam lift
11.Constant velocity cam lobe to generate higher injection pressure, 3 times higher than cheap eccentric cams EUP/EUI/HEUI price

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