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Let’s face it: Men like to have sensual activity – and why not? But sometimes that desire to hit the sack produces a sore member Taywan Taylor Titans Jersey , and that’s neither fun nor good for overall male organ health. Sure, there are worse things that can happen, but a sore member is a pain (literally). That’s why practicing a little prevention can help keep a sore member at bay – or at least reduce the chances of it occurring.

So what are some of these sore member prevention tips?


While this piece is really concerned with a sore member that results from simple causes such as overuse, it’s true that one of the main causes of male organ soreness is a social disease. Using rubber protections when coupling is the most effective way of avoiding a social disease – along with, of course Adoree' Jackson Titans Jersey , knowing the infection status of any partner before plunging in. Always be smart and use appropriate protections and precautions.


Does this even have to be said? Unfortunately, yes. Most of the time, a sore member after sensual activity (that is not caused by a social disease, mind you) is the result of the member getting rubbed a bit raw, due to the lack of sufficient lubrication. Sensual activity is a delicate balance Corey Davis Titans Jersey , all about getting the right amount of friction in the right place. Too much and soreness results. There is a wide variety of lubricants available; finding one that works for both partners is essential to preventing a sore member. And remember: some lubricants, especially those that are water-based, will need to be reapplied with some frequency.

Take it slow, Joe

In addition to using lubricant, it usually helps if a guy takes his time and provides plenty of warm-up in advance. Pre-coupling play is usually needed to help a woman become sufficiently aroused for easy penetration. But it also helps the man’s member become naturally lubricated. So no matter how tempting Kevin Byard Rush Jersey , don’t rush things; let them take their proper time.

Change positions

They say variety is the spice of life – and changing up positions during a long sensual session may be a good way to keep soreness away. If a couple employs the same position for an extended period of time, the same parts of the manhood are being rubbed repeatedly. Switching to a new position may help to stimulate a slightly different part of the member in a manner that is still pleasing but that doesn’t result in soreness.

The same holds true for self-pleasuring. If self-stimulating for a long time, it helps to switch hands or change the number of fingers wrapped around the manhood, as well as to vary strokes. So if a guy has been stroking for 15 minutes near the head, perhaps spend some time lower down on the shaft for a while.

Practice good hygiene

A member in good health is less likely to become sore. Washing regularly is important Derrick Henry Rush Jersey , of course, but think beyond that. For example, going commando may be fun, but if the manhood rubs against rough fabrics like denim, it will get sore – and will become more so during coupling. The same applies to using soaps or detergents with harsh chemicals or fragrances that can cause skin issues to appear on the member Jack Conklin Rush Jersey , making it more susceptible to pain during sensual activity.

Another hygiene tip on the sore member prevention list is to regularly apply a superior male organ health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) to the manhood. Use a crème that has excellent moisturizing power, i.e. one with both a high-end emollient (such as natural Shea butter) and a hydrating agent (such as vitamin E). The crème should also include L carnitine, a neuroprotective agent. A sore member often results from peripheral nerve damage, which this ingredient is formulated to address.
WASHINGTON Jonnu Smith Rush Jersey , Oct. 20 (Xinhua) -- U.S. President Donald Trump has urged his supporters to sign a petition to push against protests staged by players of the National Football League (NFL) during the national anthem.

"The President has asked for a list of supporters who stand for the National Anthem. Add your name below to show your patriotism and support," said the petition released Thursday by the Trump Make America Great Again Committee, a fundraising group for Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.

The petition was also seen on the website and twitter account of the Republican National Committee. It does not tell how many signatures it has received.

The move came after an NFL decision reached by team owners, executives and players earlier this week that the league would encourage players to stand for "The Star-Spangled Banner" but not implement a rule forcing them to do so.

NFL players kneeling during the national anthem played prior to a game are protesting against what they called social injustice, a practice Trump has criticized as unpatriotic and disrespectful of the military.

Trump has repeatedly opened fire at the protests since a rally in September.

In response to the NFL's decision Taywan Taylor Rush Jersey , Trump tweeted Wednesday, saying that the league has "too much talks, not enough action," while urging its players to "Stand for the National Anthem."

The American Idol judging panel is locked in!

After weeks of speculation, Luke Bryan took to Twitter on Friday to confirm that he'll be joining the ABC reboot Adoree' Jackson Rush Jersey , alongside Lionel Richie and previously announced judge Katy Perry.

"Hey guys, it's Luke Bryan here. Greetings from Hayfield in Kansas. I'm so excited and proud to announce that I will be one of the three judges on ABC's American Idol," Bryan began his video message. "I will be joined with the beautiful Ms. Katy Perry and my hero, Mr.

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