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To be a good sailor , you need to take sailing lessons. It comprises of the basic skills and techniques as well as advanced lessons on sailing. Sailing techniques can be mastered by taking these lessons. Sailing lessons can be found in the web or you can have this by going to a sailing school. Lessons on the internet are more of guides and pointers. No real simulations can be done and are just preparations for real sailing school. On the other hand sailing school is more expensive. Drills are done at the end of each lesson and you can take the catamaran course bvi on a real boat. On the internet and sailing school basic lessons, such as sailing knots and setting the sail are both offered. However, to master the two practices is needed. And by just seeing it on the internet you cannot do this. Although to practice guides on the internet there are suggestions on alternative ways. One example is by tying a rope to a beam or a pole and do the instructions given to practice the sailing knots. However, raising the sail or rigging the mast can only be done on real sailboats. You cannot just imagine this things and how they are done. Regardless of whether you want to day sail in enclosed waters or circumnavigate the globe , attending a Tortola sailing school can be a wise choice. Sail schools are sure to have a course to suit virtually anyone interested in sailing for pleasure. Including handling sails, steering or helming, crewing, navigation and seamanship in a broad range of competencies they provide training and instruction. A guarantee that they are really experts or certified in sailing boats must be uncovered although these lessons on the internet are supposed to be given by experts or sailing enthusiasts. As most of them contain sailing terms understanding the instructions on the internet beginner sailors will also have a hard time. Before moving on to the basic techniques beginners need to learn these sailing terms first. On the on books or internet , magazines and manuals about sailing these sailing terms are usually found. Reputable sailing school in Tortola usually holds their basic training on boats that have passed government and safety standards. Lectures are done in classrooms. National sailing school has both lecture and practical training. Certifications are given to successful sailors who have completed basic and advance sailing lessons. If you want to take lessons in a sailing school the things to consider is the school, the instructors, the facilities, the number of students per class and the number of instructor per student. Be sure to also check the schedules of the sailing class so you can properly attend them. The location of the school is also an important aspect especially for beginners. Sailing lessons for beginners should be done on calm waters first or choose the season where the winds are not too strong to sail. The length of the class is also important. Avid Star Trek fans and casual viewers alike probably agree that the show’s success is thanks to the moral and philosophical narratives that overshadow the fun science fiction , campy action, and special effects of the series.

Recently I began to notice there were many managerial lessons to take away from the crew of the Starship Enterprise. In tough leadership dilemmas I even find myself asking the question- what would Captain Picard do? That is other than ordering up a tea, Earl Grey, hot. I’m more of a coffee drinker.

The following are 5 Tips from the TNG leadership that could improve any CIO or executive management team.

1. Hire a “Chief of Security” , like Worf, and prioritize the security of your network, data, and fixed assets from attack by insiders , competitors, and criminals. In a recent PwC study “The Global State of Information Security Survey 2014” 18% of the companies surveyed felt their greatest obstacle to improving information security was due to a lack of experience and leadership from a CISO CSO. Take a lesson from Picard and put an experienced security professional in charge of developing and implementing your security strategies. Worf always put security measures ahead of any other goal and you need a dedicated resource to do the same for your firm.

2. He may not be a beloved character but there is a lesson to be learned from the accelerated promotion of young Ensign Wesley Crusher. There is no place in or outside of the workplace for age, racial, gender , or any other type of discrimination. It is important to invest in all available talent through continuing education as well as to promote inside staff whenever possible. Furthermore young energy and fresh perspective can create an exciting and creative approach to problem solving. There are also programs like All Star Code that can help your organization cultivate new technology candidates in communities that are currently under represented in the field. Well before attending the Academy Wesley Crusher proved himself as an unrivaled problem solver and a key member of the Enterprise’s success.

3. Follow the “Prime Directive” and do not abuse or over extend the power of your technological advancement. The culture of an information technology department should be one that champions service, availability, security, and innovation with the goal of supporting the key mission of the organization. Technology should provide for and enable users and never be utilized to inappropriately collect information , or interfere with the organization’s core operations. The best IT departments will provide service to users with a soft hand and a light presence. A CIO should disseminate a mission statement that matters- give your team a cultural identity and code of operation, and then make sure they live it.

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