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 Nasty Paypal chargeback scams and scammers 
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Post Nasty Paypal chargeback scams and scammers
Had one a few years ago and still reeling from it. And what got me the most was that neither Paypal nor ebay did A SINGLE THING to help me when it was so obviously a scam.

Basically it was like this. I had an auction for a very large lot of mobile phones which went well and ended on a pretty nice figure. However, just before the end I had a look to see who was bidding. There were basically two bidders in the running - one with good feedback and the other with feedback of only +3. Got me thinking - "should I cancel his bid or not with such low feedback?". Well i decided not to - got to give a guy a chance I thought.

So the auction ended, he paid up with paypal and I sent out the phones. They had to go in two parcels. Well, it wasn't THAT that created the problem. Oh, I did send by signed-for airmail - at the time I was living outside the UK.

(.... some of you can see what's coming I guess .....)

Time went by. Then one day I got an email from Paypal telling me this guy had put in a Dispute on account of allegedly not receiving the goods. Well, I thought, it's OK because I have the receipt which says I send them (as explained earlier). So I sent to Paypal what they had asked for, ie, proof of posting and all that.

It was good news because a few days later Paypal informed me that they had ruled in my favour. HOORAY!! End of story ..... or so I thought .....

A week or so passed again, and another email. AGAIN from Paypal. This time telling me I was subject to a Chargeback which, as you may know, comes to them through the credit card company and does not originate from Paypal themselves.

EH!!! I thought. "I have just dealt with this and sent my proof of posting". How could this be happening again? Well, as I remember I again sent the details of how and when posted. But THIS TIME it was NOT accepted. I amde enquiries throught the postal system and I had confirmation that the guy HAD DEFINITELY received BOTH packages and HAD SIGNED for them both.

So I was being scammed illegally. I HAD provided proof of postage and I KNEW he HAD received my packages. But that was not deemed good enough and in the end ..... yup, Paypal ruled against me and I lost ALL that money for those phones.

Nothing more I could do.

How the HELL was this guy allowed to get away with such daylight robbery??

I had an idea to go through a debt collection agency. But useless since they charge you 50pound minimum for their services.

That was THE WORST moment of my entire ebay life. From that day I vowed never to send such big packages again.

What do you guys think? Did I do anything wrong? By the way, it was a cross-Europe airmail posing I had done WITHIN the EU.

Anyone else had anything like this? Well, I'm sure I'm not alone!

Sat May 05, 2007 3:43 pm
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Paypal are notoriously difficult to deal with and have just about the worst reputation of any merchant provider, but what really grates me is that they do not enable sellers to restrict the aceptance of credit cards, or payments backed by a credit card.

I have asked what can I do to minimise the rsik of chargebacks and was told that I could downgrade to a personal account. That's helpful - as I have about £1000 a month turnover I would not be able to continue receiving those sort of sums.

There is a site called that is worth browsing, if only to make you feel at least you are not the only person who has suffered under them.

I recently listed an item that sold for a shae under £500, and although I stated paypal only, I had every intention of refunding the payment if the address was non-uk, unconfirmed, or credit card funded and request payment by Bank transfer instead. It's the only way I could protect myself, but in the end it was paid cash on collection.

All you can do is either take private action, but as you say it's prohibitively expensive, or take stock of the situation and learn what you can to minimise future risk.

I hate paypal, but there is very little alternative until eBay change their narrow-minded views on safe payments!

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Sat May 05, 2007 4:29 pm
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I've had some bad experiance with paypal as well, had a parcel shipped to Sweden international signed for. Was lost in post by Royal Mail, had a charge back from the buyer. Although i had proof of postage Paypal still favoured in the buyers favour. Also be careful using Royal Mail as they do not always update there website, in cases the parcel's been delivered but on the website it says it has not. In these cases if Paypal take note of the Royal Mails website, these people could do a chargeback.


Mon Jun 11, 2007 7:13 am
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Post Re: Nasty Paypal chargeback scams and scammers
I have scammers... do you know why? because i faced this sh#t scammers and thanks to my friend who helped me a lot and finally PayPal support team realize my case and as i was right so they take action in my favor. However i also checked may fraud in PayPal official community, here is that and specially seller should have to be aware this scam ... uage=en-gb

And i also found a detail guide how to chargeback on PayPal @ ... on-paypal/

Tue Sep 12, 2017 11:58 am
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